Subject: Re: The merger: a user's perspective
From: "Bradley M. Kuhn" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 23:43:41 -0500

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Bradley M. Kuhn writes:
>  > Tim O'Reilly wrote:
>  > > Bravo, Bob!  Anyone who has run a successful business understands the
>  > > principle that Bob has laid out here.  Unfortunately, a lot of people
>  > > who haven't done that are still willing to comment.
>  > 
>  > Do you mean here that those of us who have never started our own company
>  > have no authority whatsoever which to comment?
> No, it means that the people who *have* started companies laugh at you 
> when you get it wrong.  It's like listening to someone brag about sex
> that you know they didn't have.  I mean, just hearing it makes you
> blush for them.

I dunno.  That argument sounds rather elitist to me.  Especially considering
that a large majority of people in the world end up having sex at some point
(I think) and very very few ever start a company.

Oddly enough, I think Tim's original message wasn't addressing my comments
anyway, but others made on the list.  However, I could be wrong.  :)

>  > I sure hope it does.  It just seems to me too early for us to see the
>  > precious few companies that have any (even partial) corporate dedication to
>  > freedom merging right now.
> Hey, trust takes time to develop.

I do genuinely hope that Red Hat/Cygnus merger builds the same trust with the
community that was there before with each of them independently.  In fact,
my *hope* is that it will be greater than the trust either of them held
originally with the community.  But, I just worry that it won't be there.

I really hope my worried are proved wrong, but I still think they are worth

>  > I saw I quote in the CNet article (linked from slashdot) that seemed to
>  > indicate that there *might* be lay-offs (it didn't say for sure either way,
>  > but the hint seemed there).

> How many payroll or human relations departments do you need?  Payroll
> scales very well, which is why you have payroll outsourcing firms.

I dunno.  Perhaps it is just the ultra-radical-liberal-worker's-rights
part of me talking, but I just don't see the point in a merger of two
companies that are doing well financially if it means people loosing their
jobs, regardless of what department they work in.

But, I am not a businessperson, nor do I ever want to be.  Heck, I don't
even like the idea of what corporate USA (it's the only economy I know) does
on a day to day basis.

(Then, why am I on this list, you ask?  Because I am a free software hacker
 and advocate who is trying to find a way to make living in my field without
 compromising my ethics to corporate USA.)
         -  -  Bradley M. Kuhn  -  -