Subject: Re: A company's appeal to the community
From: Jonathan Ryshpan <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 17:48:10 -0800

Karsten Self posted to fsb:

>I've been approached by someone at a large technology company whom
>I'll not name for the moment, about assistance from the free software
>community in moving toward open sourcing several products. ...

I replied in a private email, which KS replied to.  Here is a copy of my
email with KS's replies:

I'm still not clear about what's causing the hold up.  The most likely
schanario, as I read your posting is that:
(1) BigTech has licensed source access to it's software to EenyCorp,
    MeenyCorp, and MoCorp, on various (non OSI) terms.  MeenyCorp is
    objecting that its license precludes BigTech from releasing its
    code as Open Source.  Alternately:

KS> No.

(2) BigTech has licensed code from BibbleCorp and BobbleCorp.  BobbleCorp
    is objecting to the release of its code along with BigTech's.

KS> AFAIK, yes.

It would be a good idea to request that BigTech release interface
specifications to all devices that they sell.  These interfaces must not
be encumbered by license or patent.  It would be nice if they released
open source drivers (Linux, xBSD) where this would be useful.

KS> Interface definitions, espcially API/ABI, are intended to be released.
KS> HW support would be cool.

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