Subject: Unsubstantiated rumor etc
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:30:25 -0500

File this one under "unsubstantiated rumor and hearsay". Then think about
it for a second.

A friend who I usually trust in these matters mentioned to me a few days
ago that the DeCSS issue was probably putting the EFF into an interesting
bind because the entertainment industry is one of the biggest supporter of
the EFF. Why? Because they want to create an environment under which they
don't have to put up with an online rating system. OTOH defending the
people being sued about DeCSS is clearly part of their charter.

How did he know this? Private conversation with EFF lawyers apparently. I
believe him on this - but I cannot document it so let us call that hearsay.

Well I thought about it, but did not take it seriously until reading an
interview with the kid in Norway where he mentioned being puzzled at why in
the New York cases the EFF was using such a stupid defence.

I hate to say it, but an obvious theory comes to mind involving phone calls
after an unexpectedly sharp defence at the preliminary hearings...

So - does anyone have evidence either way on this?

In a related note, the recent Motley Fool article on DVD got me wondering
whether some foreign government somewhere could be persuaded to take a
second look at the regional encodings and start an anti-trust

On the hypothetical side of things, what advice would people give to
someone with a highly placed but technically clueless relative in the
entertainment business?  A relative who easily has the power to change what
one of the big studios does in this matter, but doesn't understand
computers, probably doesn't want to get involved, etc?  The particular
someone I have in mind cares about DeCSS but does not have any constructive
ideas on how to use this connection...