Subject: Re: GNU/Linux accounting software (was Re: Linux accounting software)
From: (Kirrily 'Skud' Robert)
Date: 13 Feb 2000 04:48:47 GMT

Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
>BTW, to keep this post on topic, I would love to see a free software
>business pick up GNUCash and run with it.  It surely could be marketable.
>AFAIK, there isn't even proprietary software ported to GNU/Linux (or has
>Intuit ported Quicken (I surely hope not)).

What I have in mind is something along those lines, i.e. porting, with a
potential (though slim, at this point) chance of releasing under an open
source license. 

Not Intuit, no.

But keep in mind that I'm located in Melbourne, Australia.  That's a

What I gather from other peoples' posts, emails, and various web stuff
I've looked at, is that the current field consists of:

* multiple chequebook balancing systems, of which cbb is probably best
* gnucash, which has greater functionality but isn't finished
* several proprietary server-ish things written in COBOL and ghod knows
  what, some of which run on GNU/Linux and other such platforms

So, unless someone can tell me otherwise, there are no accounting
systems suitable for small businesses who might otherwise use Windows.
This is... interesting.


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