Subject: Re: FSBs and client-server
From: Brian Behlendorf <>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 12:13:42 -0700 (PDT)

On 25 May 2000, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> In other words, to really hammer the point home, what I as a customer
> want from an ASP is not necessarily an open source solution.  What I
> want is a common data format.

And I'll contend that a "common" data format isn't really common until
there is a reference open source solution behind it - or more precisely,
the best path to ensuring common APIs is common code.  I think there's a
pretty good mapping between successful standards and reference code that
implement those standards.  This is a theorem I've got no time to put more
factual justification behind other than an intuition, but I'd love to see
a quantitative study on this.  But it seemed to make sense to a lot of
people when we used it as a justification for starting

> On a different note, when you say that ``the world has been educated
> on the value of open source end-user software,'' I think you are
> engaging in a bit of forward thinking.  That education has only
> reached a tiny percentage of the world so far.

Granted.  I guess I was thinking we have more than theory behind this now,
we have quantifiable (if anecdotal, not scientific) data about the value
of open-source end-user apps, whereas I don't think we have that yet w/r/t