Subject: Re: FSB external software submission policies?
From: "L. Peter Deutsch" <>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 15:04:28 -0700

> How does your company or organization manage intellectual property rights
> software submissions from third party contributers?

For patches of less than 10 lines or so, we do nothing special.

For everything else, we require one of the following:

	1. An assignment of copyright to us.  We do this informally, by
	e-mail, since we have a fairly high level of trust in anyone who
	sends us stuff.  (This is your case E.)

	2. A copyright notice in someone else's name, with a statement that
	the code is part of Ghostscript and either {is licensed under the
	GPL} or {may be distributed under either the GPL or the AFPL}.
	(This is your case C plus a requirement for specific licenses.)

	3. A copyright notice in someone else's name, and an Open Source
	license liberal enough to allow us to distribute the code with all
	versions of Ghostscript (both GPL and AFPL).  (This is your case C
	plus a different license requirement.)

This policy is a moderate pain to administer, since it requires us to
distribute three slightly different filesets for AFPL, GPL, and commercial
releases, but it's the simplest one we've been able to come up with that we
see as properly serving our three-license model and all the communities we
want to address.


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