Subject: Re: Who's running your business?
From: Seth David Schoen <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 11:18:44 -0700

Russell Nelson writes:

> It would be interesting to hear if anyone has had or has chosen to
> face that issue.  Perhaps if we can establish a standard contract for
> free software liability, we can avoid having one forced down our
> throats.

Do you mean a standard contract for _disclaiming_ free software
liability, or one for _accepting_ free software liability?

There is probably some money to be made selling warranties for free
software, but most people who deal in free software don't want to be
in that business.  (I wonder if the auditing and certification needed
to make that work would hinder the ability to accept outside
contributions, though.  Maybe it's time to start paying attention to
provably correct software again.)

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