Subject: OpenSource for Windows
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 09:51:12 -0400

Perhaps you'd like to work with us on some level: ?
I too prefer to push open-source above any particular OS (send all flames to

We have categories in our "software map" for windows, palm, OS/2......

I suggest leaving the development of open windows apps to sourceforge.  Why
duplicate (this is rhetorical)?

Steve Mallett, (includes PGP key)

> This is not about advocating Windows as an OS. Rather, it is about giving
> Windows users some of the same choices available to the Linux/FreeBSD
> Additionally, it is about opening up the mindset of the Windows developer
> hopefully persuading him/her that instead of using Visual Basic for a
> project, perhaps they should use Python and its wxWindows bindings.
> I originally came from the Windows world and even worked in the belly of
> beast. I vividly remember the first time I saw a Python script (which,
> interestingly enough, was at Microsoft)... my first question was 'Looks
> How do you compile it so no one can see the code?' In hindsight that is a
> funny (and somewhat disturbing) story, but that is the mindset of the
> Windows developer.
> > Interestingly, given concerns some have had that GNU/Linux might be
> > falling into the same "a better Windows than Windows" trap of OS/2, it's
> > arguable that Microsoft has better support for GNU/Linux software than
> > the other way around.
> One does have to admit that for the neophyte Windows is far easier to use
> than a Linux/Gnome or Linux/KDE box. Theoretically, you throw a CD in,
> a few questions and seconds later are presented with a desktop. The last
> I tried to install KDE2 on my laptop it was a festival of searching
> for missing dependencies and when I finally had satisfied them and
> KDE... my screen blacked out and stayed that way. Mind you, eventually I
> able to successfully install it, but at the cost of several hours and a
> of poking around.
> I am certainly not saying that Windows is superior to Linux in any way.
> I am saying is that its useability is a prime factor in its success.