Subject: Re: Is anyone selling support with a retainer?
From: Bob Weiner <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 16:57:49 -0800

>>>>> "RN" == Russell Nelson <> writes:

   RN> Is anybody selling support with a retainer?  In other words, when
   RN> you're called in for support, you sell them your time for a reduced
   RN> fee IF they've already got a support contract.  It might be profitable
   RN> if pursued in moderation.

The question seems unclear.  If someone has paid for support and he
calls you, the support is either covered by the contract or it isn't.
If it is, there is no issue of fee.  If it isn't, then except for your
own goodwill towards the customer in computing a discount, a separate
fee or contract structure for the new issue is independent of the
existing contract.

So what exactly is the issue?  How much a customer who paid you once
will pay in a second case?  Whether service discounts generate more