Subject: Re: [Freesw] Re: FreeDevelopers
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 09:51:58 EST

>The problem I acquired with FreeDevelopers, after
>reading the mailing list for about two weeks, was that
>there was a lot of talk about vaguely defined but
>strongly and emotionally expressed philosophy,
>but little about Software.  

This is a fair comment. But you need to remember that at the time we were gathering
up only true believers whose heart had been touched by the philosophy of RMS and free
software, so that we could give them leadership roles in the organization. So at the
time we were going through a weeding out process to see who had free software credentials.
That process culminated with the Declaration of Software Freedom, which marked the end
of the Philosophy phase. We have now entered the business phase with the release of
the CommCo structure.

>If I had seen one application described, or even one
>discussion about the kind of SW process they intend
>to use I would think they had some germ of an idea.

Existing projects are coming in and others are being proposed daily now. But that started
in the last couple of weeks.

>Alas, I saw nothing of substance there.

I would suggest you check every 3 or 6 months. This is an organic, self-governing organization
that evolves quickly. And what it looks like next month depends entirely on what the
members decide to do with it this month. And more and better members mean better things.