Subject: Re: MSIE "Smart Tags" -- what's the real deal?
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 05:56:29 -0400

my 2 cents:

copyright: implimenting the smart tags into their browser is neither a 
smart nor moral thing to do on their part. one, it is changing the 
'content' of the information (as the user sees it, not as it exists on 
the server), and wouldn't that possibly get someone into some legal 
trouble? i mean, one person can add a link (or most any other 
annotations?) to my webpage (at the user's end), therefore changing my 
page. couldn't this have legal copyright implications? yes, people are 
allowed to annotate books and physical materials, and even re-sell them 
at used book stores and sucj without legal penalty, but wouldn't the 
fact that this modified webpag can be seen by hundreds, thousands, 
millions of people, not as the original copyright holder intended. 
wouldn't this be considered re-publishing? covered by copyright law?.

default: i do think that it would be wrong to have this a default on 
feature. most (the vast majority, i feel safe in saying) users would not 
know this feature is being used, or even exists, and would not tell the 
difference between a "smart link" and a "real link" on a webpage. 
someone with malicious intent can *easily* cause great havoc to a small 
business website, or even just any website. an example: a couple of 
years ago i was starting a small web hosting business (my own personal 
life mistakes caused it to fail, and i have dealt with that and grown up 
from it since). i catered to small business and hobby websites. 
mid-range stuff. i always made sure to treat my customers and vistors 
very good. customer service was my #1 issue. i met this one guy online 
from somewhere else, and he bugged me constantly to give him free 
webspace for his hobby site. i refused, of course, politely, since i did 
payed hosting, and and even went to the trouble of helping him find a 
good free webhost. he didn't give up. he kept bugging, sending emails 
asking why i didn't give him free space like every other webhost did, 
and such. he was only 14, online and being a brat. i thought nothing of 
it until i came accross a post at a forum (where i had originally met 
him, by the way) by him, flaming my service. no telling how much damage 
he had done, but it scared me enough. to think that he could have 
slipped a "smart link" onto my pages, and there was nothing i could do 
about it?

i may be mis-understanding this service and technology, but if it is 
anything like 'third voice', i have to be very apprehensive about this.