Subject: Re: authentication systems (.NET, .GNU): Its the desktop, dummy.
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 23:26:54 -0300

> the passport system is an attempt by MSFT to move the
> locus of control from the OS to the person through
> authentication. OSS (and even the GPL) has no response
> to this -- passport can give MSFT lock-in even running
> on all GPL software.
> centralized password info has marginal utility to
> consumers. 

I agree in whole.  I doubt that the passport product is bourne from any 
strong consumer demand, but is seen as a way to wrestle control from 
consumers and desktop competitors. 

Here's why:

1)  There are truely only two sides to a business relationship:  consumer & 
provider (demand and supply).  
2)  If there is no demand for a product & it doesn't solve a consumer's 
problem (which I doubt it does in this case because I don't think there is 
significant enough of a problem to warrant deployment of this 'product') I 
believe strongly that the product's purpose is in favour of those deploying 
the 'product'.   i.e. screwing the consumer, again.  And, yes, consumers are 
suckers at times.  Ok, most of the time.

Recognizing that some products are deployed in hope that demand is created I 
can't say that I've seen this strategy deployed by MSFT.  So I strongly doubt 
that this strategy applies in this case.

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