Subject: OT: Giving Richard His Due
From: "Federico Lucifredi" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 14:39:19 -0500

> I am not saying to unthinkingly accept all his views. I am saying give him
> enough respect to have some humility in criticizing him too harshly when
> disagree. He may very well be wrong. But the odds are much more likely
> you are.

1) RMS is the first not being exactly gentle when criticizing someone. You
can seek quotes in the literature.
2)About the odds, I think your love for Richard blinds your P() statements.

> The 2 main overarching organizing principles of Western society are
> traceable to the ideas of Socrates and Jesus. Both ethical men. Major
> organizing principles of other societies are also traceable to other such
> ethical people. It may take thousands of years, but the ethical are
> remembered. The unethical, if remembered at all, are remembered as
> of evil (e.g. Hilter) as reflecting the lower parts of humanity.

The two main overarching principles of Human society are Power and Power.
Currently, Economic and Military - all the rest is nice talk, little or no
substance.  The history of this past century was defined by Hitler, who
brought the world into WWII, and Stalin, who set the scene for the Cold War.
Others merely responded to the threat and set policies withinn the
conditions set by them.  Economically, the century was dominated by the fall
of the British Empire and the rise of the US/European "western" economic

You simply leave me speechless - so I think I should stop wasting people's
time on this. Although I see Kragen's comments as quite harsh, I fully
understand what originated them. I would recommend not confusing what
inspires you with what is the harsh fabric of reality.