Subject: Re: Exceptions to GPL, anyone have some prototype aggreements?
From: Al Davis <>
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 01:27:56 -0600

I have received several replies, but none address the issue

> on Fri, May 24, 2002, Al Davis ( wrote:
> > I am doing some work that will be developing some software that
> > is to be released under GPL.  I have it partly developed now, but
> > the project has been on hold for a while.  Nothing has been
> > released yet. I have some funders lined up who will fund the
> > completion of the work in exchange for exceptions to GPL on this
> > work.  We have a verbal agreement on approximately what is
> > expected.  I need to formalize it.
> >
> > Are there are any prototype aggreements for this that have
> > already been written, that I could copy?  Does anyone here have
> > experience on this that you would be willing to share?

I know about the wide variety of open source licenses and their 
tradeoffs.  That is not what I am looking for.  I am not looking for 
a general dual license scheme where someone downloading it has a 
choice of licenses.  The public version will be licensed GPL.

It is a small project.  I intend to release it as part of a larger 
project, which is already GPL.  The funding corporation wants to use 
it in a different way.  As of now, they don't plan to release at all, 
so it seems GPL would suit them, but they want the option available 
in the future.  Simply releasing under the Berkeley license would 
suit their needs, but it doesn't suit mine.

What I am looking for is something where those making a financial 
contribution to the development get the rights they would have under 
BSD license, but those making no contribution do not get these 
extended rights.

So, the public license is GPL.  (not LGPL).  This "agreement" I am 
looking for is for private use, between me and the funder.  It 
applies only to code developed under this agreement, not to any other 
code that I may use it with.

Mozilla and Star Office are not close to what I am thinking of.  The 
closest known PRODUCT to this that I can think of is Troll-Tech's QT, 
which is GPL or QPL for the free version, but a company can buy a 
license to use in proprietary software.  Even this is not exactly 
what I want.

Attn Russ Nelson:
What arrangement did you use for the device drivers, when the 
manufacturer of a board paid you to do them?