Subject: Choardic Commons
From: Scott Capdevielle <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:17:27 -0700

That group (Chaordic Commons) is a very interesting organization, even 
more so because of Dee Hock. I read a case study of VISA a while back 
and tried to model part of the software company I founded on the VISA 
model. Didn't work because there was little support from the top but it 
is a great model.

I sent this message out to the JXTA community a few days ago and no 
suggestions so I would like to put it to this group. 
One of the reasons that open source projects like this works so well is 
that the participants are intrinsically motivated. This means that when 
we contribute to these projects we are motivated by things other than 
short term payouts.  In fact, research has shown that remuneration 
actually "crowds out" the other incentives for collaborating, i.e. if a 
commercial entity approached this group to develop 'for pay' the same 
things we are developing now, the pace of development and collaboration 
we see would start to deteriorate.
So the question I ask is this: is it possible for this community (JXTA) 
to organize itself to respond to commercial needs/demands without 
sacrificing the current level of collaboration? If so how?