Subject: Re: endemic problem?
From: scott capdevielle <>
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 09:08:48 -0700

I still don't understand what a meta maintainer is?  What do you do with 
the bite size chunks once you've picked them out?


>>>>>>"Tom" == Tom Lord <> writes:
>    Tom> It seems like every other message I get from a volunteer
>    Tom> contains a phrase like "I wish I could spend more time on
>    Tom> this but I can only afford a little part time contribution
>    Tom> right now."
>There's a Japanese proverb that goes "hokori ga atsumattara, yama ni
>naru" (if enough dust collects in one place, you get a mountain).
>What this means is that you need a meta-maintainer for your project,
>someone who knows just enough about the code to pick out bite-sized
>It's a shitty job, I'll tell you---I know, because it's mine.  But
>when you see the mountain start to grow, you realize you've
>accomplished something.
>Maybe you can get one of the "I only have a little time and worse
>coding skills" volunteers to do it.  There are often a bunch of those
>around (for user apps; infrastructure stuff like your CVS replacement
>probably won't have many people who prefer to contribute non-coding