Subject: Re: Value returned from free(d) software
From: John Gilmore <>
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 15:52:25 -0800

> Apparently my understanding is seriously faulty.  

The easy cure for that is to read the license itself.  It's fairly clear,
you just have to actually read it instead of pressing "OK" when the box
full of text comes up :-)

> So, as a practical matter, are there any up-to-date ftp archives or
> cdroms of Cygnus-brand GPL software?  Or am I, in practice, required
> to pay full retail price?

My suggestion is that you organize a bunch of people who want current
Cygnus free software, pool your money and buy a support contract.
(You can probably just buy one for the cheapest platform, since
they're all built from the same source tree.)  Whenever you get a
release, just put it up for FTP.  In this way, you who think it is
important that the software be FTP-able are the one who arranges for
that to happen.