Subject: Re: Successful FSBs
From: eric hamilton <>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 04:45:47 -0800 (PST)

>     Tim> But if I can, say, just go to cpan and get the module I need
>     Tim> without writing any code, I've just accomplished a huge
>     Tim> amount of re-use.
> I think you're overestimating how much you've accomplished.  But be
> that as it may....

I don't think that's true.  Open-source solutions have saved me a lot
of time and energy on the coding front... especially in terms of
open-source code libraries.  I am hesitant to use proprietary libraries
though, because if there's something I don't like about them, I can't
just fix it myself and contribute it back to the maintainer -- I have
to re-write that particular functionality, and nobody else gets to
share the improvement.  I think in those terms, open-source is a much
better way to share development resources.

> And that's the bottom line, isn't it?  You don't have to listen to
> me;
> you've been there, you know what can be done, you can make your own
> judgements.  But what you're talking about is convincing people who
> are far more likely to swear by McConnell's _Code Complete_ than by
> ESR's _Magic Cauldron_.  I don't think unsupported claims about "just
> going to CPAN" are very convincing.

Then there are those of us who wouldn't use proprietary libraries even
if we were tempted, simply because they are proprietary -- if the
company behind them fails or gets bought out, we have no guarantee that
our product will survive the next version without sinking a lot of
man-hours into cloning the functionality.

- eric

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