Subject: Re: Open Source Developer (Economics)
From: Jim Menard <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 09:25:02 -0600


> And it's about time for me to check in on GNU Enterprise 
> ( again. Last time I talked to them, late 
> last year, they were getting some pilot installs going at a nonprofit or 
> two.

Take a look at the Open For Business project ( From
their site:

    "The Open For Business Project, founded in May, 2001 by David E. Jones
    and Andy Zeneski, is an open source enterprise automation software
    project licensed under the MIT Open Source License. The goal of the
    project is to create an open source application framework, application
    components, and suite of enterprise applications and to build a
    community of end users and developers that work together to create easy
    to customize business software based on best practices."

I heard about Open For Business because they both use DataVision, my Open
Source database reporting tool.

If you speak German (I don't), you might also want to look at OSbiz

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