Subject: Journal / Trade Mag?
From: "John McDermott" <>
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 10:22:25 -0700

Yesterday I was reading a trade computer magazine.  One of those free ones  
many of us get.  It had a review of SSL VPN gateways.  All were  
commercial.  No open source products were mentioned.  The commercial  
products had a base price way over that affordable by most SMBs.

I have had clients use expensive commercial products because they were  
unaware of viable FLOSS alternatives.  Many of us probably have.

One client chose products to use based on what one executive read in trade  
pubs.  Clearly they used little open source because there were few  
articles about it in the trade pubs he read.

Is anyone considering some sort of trade pub to show users how to  
deploy/integrate FLOSS or even evaluating such software?  It would be very  
valuable, I think, if we could help businesses see that Open Source is a  
good business choice and why.

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