Subject: Re: Journal / Trade Mag?
From: "A. Pagaltzis" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:25:16 +0100

* Stephen J. Turnbull <> [2005-03-10 09:05]:
> Is there money or some form of compensation-in-kind (not
> limited to code, eg, artwork/skins, recommendations in blogs,
> etc) involved, or is FireFox just yet another example of the
> way FLOSS hackers provide large benefits to the non-techies
> without getting much in return?  (I don't object to such
> free-riding, but it doesn't directly provide resources to help
> grow the projects, which is what FSB has to be about.)

Largely it is in kind. There is the Mozilla Foundation, whose
employees[1] are the leaders or at least significant contributors
of a number of Mozilla projects (but certainly not all, nor all
of the big ones), and who are paid. Some other project leaders
are currently also paid by other companies (Ben Goodger's move
from MF to Google made a lot of waves in January).


But that's not really a business model -- the MF is not an
enterprise, in the monetary sense anyway.

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