Subject: Re: Anyone know of a free software business list?
From: Thomas Lord <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 13:34:19 -0700

DV Henkel-Wallace wrote:
> Unfortunately the COGS of high-volume parts matters because the 
> finished-goods cost is typically low.  Cutting $.50 out of a $100 
> (retail) MP3 player is immensely valuable, and this problem smacks 
> every supplier equally.  If you have a good solution to _this_ one 
> please tell me privately, or unsubscribe from the list and go become a 
> billionaire.

That one's "easy".

Just defeat DRM and unreasonable application of software
patents.   Then get into the consumer market yourself and
start selling products that can be customized not merely
with ring-tones, games, etc -- but with radically hacked
system software.   The design of devices which make that
worth doing is probably different from current device
design in some pretty profound ways.   Good luck with
the security hassles, especially for networked devices.

Then you have an after-market for yr your FLOSS
products and you and your competitors will be
falling all over yourselves to get OEMs to adopt
a favorable framework -- whatever price it takes.