Subject: Re: taking heat for doing Windows
From: Phil Hughes <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 07:35:37 -0800 (PST)

> "Kragen" == Kragen  <> writes:
> Kragen> Well, I can show graphics artists the GIMP, say "you need
> Kragen> Linux, FreeBSD, or a workstation for this", and get them to
> Kragen> install Linux.  (In theory.  I haven't done it yet.)  I
> Kragen> suspect that a lot of them actually will do this, especially
> Kragen> if they aren't terribly computer-literate.
> Kragen> Perhaps someone who's tried this can comment.
> It works, sometimes.  However, it rarely works if the artist tends to
> work with an established prepress agency (most of whom expect
> Photoshop), or if the artist uses his or her computer for more than
> just art.  In short, the only people it converts are starving artists
> who just want a free ride and who have minimal time and money
> investment in their existing software.

Generally, I agree but don't forget how Apple got into so many homes.
They gave computers away to schools.  Today, computers are cheap but
software isn't.  Giving away software like the GIMP is going to get a
lot of converts. This is one of the reasons we are doing a book
on the GIMP (with a CD).  Hopefully, noticing a book with the software
for substantially less money than "similar software" will be the right

This, of course, still leaves the question of whether you need to try to
make them take Linux with the application or if you are better off
porting the application had expecting to eventually realize getting
involved with Linux is a good thing for a whole host of reasons.

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