Subject: Re: Linux v. NT for EDA applications: panel discussion - FYI
From: Chris Maeda <>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 20:13:00 -0700

If you were being sarcastic in your original message,
it went way over my head and I apologize.

The audience participants in the transcripted discussion 
seemed to assume that getting the code to run on a developer's
pc was all there was to supporting the linux platform.  ("I heard
Cadence has their stuff running in house on Linux and won't release it..."
Sounds like the X-Files.)  It sounds like I mistakenly assigned 
you to that camp.  My only defence is that it's been a long day 
that started with an earthquake.

At 02:43 AM 8/13/98 -0000, Russell Nelson wrote:
>No shit, really?
>Did I write poorly, or did you read poorly, or were you expanding on
>what I wrote whilst making it look like you disagree?
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