Subject: Re: A few thoughts.
From: "William C. Cheng" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 19:52:52 -0400

Adam P. Harris <> wrote:
  > ...
  > If Sun asked me for a strategy they should pursue to deal with Linux,
  > I'm not even sure what I could tell them.  Maybe a few radical ideas
  > here, which seem highly unlikely:
  >  * re-focus on hardware; market Sparc hardware better; active assist
  >    the Linux/Sparc camp; try to benefit from the success of Linux to
  >    sell more hardware (they seem to be doing this now to some extent)
  >  * consider repurposing SunService (enterprise support options) to
  >    give enterprise-level Linux support?

Here's another one... Release a GPL'ed version of the Java Development
Environment and lobby it to go on every Linux CD.  I think that one
reason people develop in C is because every UNIX machine comes with a C
development environment (inspite of the fact that the UNIX's are different).
If every Linux machine comes with a Java development environment, many will
choose Java (not for Web development but for general programming).  This
will ensure the logevity of SunSoft.  I'm not sure how one should justify
this idea to SUN, but I'm sure someone on this list can!
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