Subject: Interesting model for free software
From: "Russell Nelson" <nelson@CRYNWR.COM>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1993 22:00:52 EDT

Here's an interesting model for free software.  I don't know what the
difference is between the free version and the commercial version of
the code.  I haven't looked to see if the free version of the code
has a copyright that restricts commercial distribution, in other
words, a non-competition clause.

                 Cleanup your network with the KarlBridge

                This is the Latest KarlBridge Version 1.41

WHAT IS THE KarlBridge?

The KarlBridge is a program, that runs on a 286 or 386 clone. It provides
a unique and inexpensive 2 port Ethernet to Ethernet bridge that performs very
sophisticated high level protocol filtering. The bridge filters packets based
on ANY specified Ethernet protocol such as IP, XNS, DECNET, LAT, AppleTalk,
NetBEUI, Novell IPX, etc. [...]


The KarlBridge is also a complete bridge box based upon the commercial
version of the KarlBridge code.  It comes with AUI & 10Base2 or AUI &
10BaseT connectors. It is a very nice small box, with a 386DX40, 2 SMC
Elite 16 Ethernet cards, special boot ROM, and Floppy drive or Flash ROM
card. It is fully tested and burnt in for added reliability with a 1 year
warranty. KarlNet Inc. is the main commercial supplier of the KarlBridge
hardware and software.  KarlNet Inc. sells the KarlBridge box for $1195.
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