Subject: Re: Y2K support
From: Joseph Arceneaux <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:04:30 -0800

   > Red Hat does not offer Y2K support.

   Joe, maybe you should start a "Linux Y2K" web page or HOWTO, and allow
   people to send in updates about particular releases or RPM's that they
   have tested.  The great thing about free software is that even when the
   vendor falls on their face, the users can do the job.  If you sell 
   ads on the web page, you might even make money...


The FSF already has such a page:

the problem is, as I alluded earlier, that lawyers are driving this
whole process.  It doesn't matter that BASH is really compliant, what
matters is that a) there is a paper trail to some entity responsible
for the software, and b) it's a "real" entity which can be sued.  Chet
Ramey doesn't qualify for b) so BASH is out.  For that matter, so is
most free software.

Sleepycat is one of the few groups that seems to have recognized this
problem, but I suspect there is opportunity here for someone (VA
Research?) to do quite a lucrative business certifying GNU software as
Y2K compliant.