Subject: Re: open source winter
From: Ben Laurie <>
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 21:00:40 +0100

Frank Hecker wrote:
> As for the expectation that hundreds or thousands of non-Netscape people
> would be doing development on Mozila (as opposed to just bug reporting),
> I don't have enough hands-on experience with free software development
> to know if that's a realistic expectation or not for a project that's
> existed only a year as an open-source project.

I reckon that thirty (Jamie's estimate) for a non-functional product is
damn good going. Actually, thirty for a functional product is good
going! Yeah, sure, you'll get bits'n'pieces from loads more, but people
actually paying attention?

It is interesting, though, that the one-off contributions are often
extremely valuable - someone with skill and knowledge has spent time on
a problem that no-one in the central team has time/energy/knowledge for.
You never hear from them again, and in closed-source development, you'd
never hear from them at all.




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