Subject: Re: Reasons why being proprietary hurts you more than it helps
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 08:41:11 -0500

> Re: Ian's arguments about shoddy products.  Answer is obvious: if
> you're proud of your product, use open source to differentiate
> yourself.  If you're not, put "Not for reference implementation: we
> want to have the best drivers in the business, and we know we're not
> there yet: maybe these will help you, though" prominently in the
> (meager) docs until your engineers shape up ;-)

Vendors with shoddy products usually aren't truthful about their poor
product quality.  Instead, they lie that their code is so much better
than the competition they they're keeping it as a proprietary
advantage.  With the code hidden, vendors are free to make outrageous
lies about the goodness of their design and development processes.
Lying is far cheaper than building good engineering processes, and it
sells so much better than good code.

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