Subject: Payment?!
From: Martin Kochanski <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 09:35:12 +0100

>Software production takes time, and effort. The
>continued boom in free software production will be helped very much if a
>suitable method of payment based on labor can be found. :)


If I'm to be paid $xx/hour for something, I'll get a job. Or sell my body: it's less
work, less soul-destroying, and you can think of other things while you're doing it.

Surely the point of investing time (a slice of your life that you could have used for
something else AND WILL NEVER GET BACK) in any software project is the chance of *incommensurate*
returns: precisely not "payment based on labour". What makes people work long into the
night when they should be in bed is the chance of glory; or changing people's lives;
or the deeper glory that comes of changing people's lives without them even knowing
who you are. Not cash.

And even if cash, not *wages* - think of your hour's work as a bet placed on a horse.
Not many other people believe in that horse, but you do, and that's why you're investing
your irreplaceable time in it and they're not.

So if you want to boost your free software project, find a way that I could earn ten
cents from each of the hoped-for ten million users of the product, and  you won't need
to worry about wages: I'll *bribe* you to let me join!