Subject: Re: Advantages of freed vs. proprietary software
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 1994 09:29:32 -0700

The WEB has done wonders for the free software business model.
Information is flowing so fast and so furiously that it has become
impossible for even Cygnus Support to stay abreast of all the
developments that occur across the limited set of programs that we

We are seeing an increasing tendency among sysadmins to seek out
services like Cygnus so that they can try to keep up with all the
other stuff for which no formal support exists.  As we continue to
improve the quality of our software and the quality of the
documentation, our business only grows.  I'm pretty much convinced
that the best way to make money with free software is not to start
with a shitty product that requires a lot of support, but to start
with a great one, and raise the bar faster than anybody else in your
competitive space.