Subject: Re: Open Content woes
Date: 30 Sep 1999 05:13:11 -0000

From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
> It is not counter to the OSI's message.  Precisely because free
> software is free, you have no certainty that many eyes have looked at it.

Good point.

Debian distributes an "Official CD" as ISO image files that can be duplicated
by any CD manufacturer. If you want to use the words "Official" and "Debian"
together in a product name, you distribute an exact copy of those ISO images,
and you include the source disks in your product. If you want to modify the
CDs, you call them "Debian" without the "Official". There is no fee for use
of the ISO images.

This was a response to the fact that CD manufacturers often blew it and
distriubted a version of Debian that would not install correctly. Now, just
about every CD manufacturer lets Debian do the mastering and quality control
in exchange for being able to call their offering "Official Debian".  The
result is a lot fewer complaints. This strategy has worked for years.