Subject: GNU/
From: "L. Peter Deutsch" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:33:21 -0700

I've changed the Subject to reflect the thread topic more accurately.

I won't repeat what others have said about the FSF use of the concepts of
"free" and "freedom", and I don't need to comment on your posting, most of
which I agree with.

As a possibly contrasting example, Ghostscript does not rely on any GNU
tools or libraries, and because it is deliberately written to conform to
open, cross-platform and cross-tool standards, is in fact far more easily
portable to other OSs, compilers, etc. than much GNU software.  I currently
use GNU tools for development, but aside from learning time, I could use
Microsoft, Borland, or Watcom tools, as some Ghostscript collaborators do;
in fact, the first several years of Ghostscript development were done on
MS-DOS with Borland tools.  I'm comfortable with the GPL'ed Ghostscript
release being called GNU Ghostscript, because I support the work of the GNU
project, but GNU Ghostscript's copyright / license notice (in every file)
includes this disclaimer:

    Aladdin Enterprises is not affiliated with the Free Software Foundation
    or the GNU Project.  GNU Ghostscript, as distributed by Aladdin
    Enterprises, does not require any GNU software to build or run it.

rms and the GNU project have, as you pointed out, made immense contributions
both technically and philosophically / culturally, and I'm even happy to
acknowledge (in Ghostscript's documentation) their role in getting me
interested in writing Ghostscript, but I also think it is appropriate to
give credit where credit is due, and not where it isn't.


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