Subject: Don't just blame Stephen
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 12:48:43 -0500

My apologies for sending this to the list.  Bruce Perens' mail system
will not accept email from me as an anti-spam measure, so I would
appreciate someone forwarding this to along
with my comments on what is wrong with his system to forward in turn
to the maintainer of his email software.

What is wrong with his system is that it is perfectly possible for a
domain to not have an IP address listed, but to have a mail
exchange field filled in, or to have different IPs for the named
domain and the mx field.  In this case the anti-spam check should
be willing to accept mail coming from the machine named in the
mx field regardless of what the rest of the dns record looks like.
Naming a machine in the mx field means that this machine has
been explicitly named by the domain owner as being in charge
of email for the domain, and so that machine can legitimately
send email under that name.  (Similarly email addressed to
the domain should be able to locate the appropriate machine
as the one named in the mx record...)


> Stephen
> Can't you take this somewhere else than FSB? I've been skipping your messages
> for a while now, but they seem to have become a majority of the list traffic.
> It would be nice if we could return to discussions of free software business
> here.

Stephen has made comments indicating that he will be taking a lot of it
off the list and reducing what is on the list.  I can personally verify that he
has taken a lot of threads off of the list.  Furthermore I asked whether we
should take the rest of our discussion off the list and got feedback that
(at least some) people wanted it on the list.

Perhaps the sniping with RMS should be taken elsewhere.  But the
bulk of his list traffic is probably with me, and I do not think it fair to blame
him for that traffic.