Subject: Re: Fear of Forking
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 23:37:31 -0500

Paul Rohr writes:
> Paul,
> getting seriously pissed off

Ian writes:
> Perhaps I shouldn't bring up old business, but the last time we
> discussed this on this mailing list, you pretty directly called me a
> liar.  I never heard an apology or an explanation for that, not that
> I expect one from you.

It was not my intention to insult either of you personally, and I
apologize for doing so.  But, darn it, there has to be some way to say
"I am not convinced by the position you are advancing" without
dragging the speaker's integrity into it.  Science disbelieves results
all the time without personally attacking the researchers.  What is
the right way to state this?

Russ writes:
> And justifiably so.  Brian, if you mean to pick on "an" AbiSource
> (that is, a startup investing money in GPL'ed software), then please
> say so.  When you use AbiSource as an example, you give us the
> impression that you suspect AbiSource of abusing or intending to
> abuse the GPL.

I actually, personally believe they intend to write good apps and sell
copies and support, just like they claim.

But I also believe the financial incentives work out as I described,
and someday, somewhere, a less upright company will take advantage of
it.  We should learn how to patch this important security hole in this
important business model.  While I am personally very optimistic about
free software, I try to be pessimistic when I think about security.

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