Subject: Re: A company's appeal to the community
From: Jonathan Ryshpan <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 23:41:28 -0800

>Tonight I read the license page for a video recorder implemented with
>video compression hardware, that saves to a hard disk, and is
>partially based on Linux.  Highlights I remember are:
>	a) The Linux portion is available for copying costs.
>	b) This product contains some video copy-protection code.
>	   Reverse engineering is prohibited (I wasn't sure whether
>	   this applies only to the copy protection or to the whole box).
>	c) Any modification may remove your authority to use this system.
>Given b and c, what good is a?

If you modify (c) the system, do they send an agent to take it away
from you?  What authority would they have to do this?  A shrink wrapped
license!?  Does anyone need to take this license seriously?  (I thought
this country valued property.)

		Jonathan Ryshpan <>

		Those who have put out the eyes of the people
		reproach them for their blindness. -- Milton