Subject: open source startup tackles databases
From: v - Mark Kuharich <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 10:21:42 -0700

As chief financial officer of media company Landmark Communications, Al
Ritter watched his company miss out on a golden opportunity to invest in
Linux software seller Red Hat way before its successful initial public
offering. Now he hopes to catch the second wave of the open-source software
trend. Ritter is leaving his Landmark job to become chief executive officer
of Great Bridge, a subsidiary that will try to do with the PostgreSQL
database software what Red Hat did with Linux. Although Ritter declined to
detail the company's business model, it will involve popularizing the
database and then selling services and support for it. Later, the company is
likely to expand to selling the database bundled with other open-source

Mark Kuharich

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