Subject: Re: [Freesw] Re: FreeDevelopers
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 09:37:01 EST

>> 1. Why you should care about FD is because it solves >>the systemic problem of paying
for the development of
>>free software.
>> 2. It solves the problem by having one marketing
>> company for everyone as the shock absorber between
>> the free software developer community and the
>> market, so they are not competing to death.  

>Please explain how exactly this is supposed to work.
>Will the free software be available very inexpensively
>by downloading from the internet?
>If yes, how will you get the users to pay any
>significant money for it? (Will it be bundled with
>consulting services?)
>If no, how can you possibly prevent it?

There are at least 2 conceptually distinct customers. [BTW, Customers are not developers.
Developers are producers. They need to see the code to do their work and don't pay for
it] High end (government and enterprise) and low end (personal use and small business

The high end actually wants a company to sue, ie. provide a warranty and branded product.
The irony is that the high end wants to pay for software for 2 reasons, 1. so they can
sue (even though they seldom do, but it is a mindset) and 2. they are very old school
who can't understand how anything of quality can be produced without cost (they literally
believe that you get what you pay for). The high end group is who we are going for.
They will pay even though it is also available elsewhere. The low end group can free
ride on the great software produced and take it from the Internet.