Subject: Re: Opportunity lost? Challenge declined!? (CLARIFICATION)
From: Norbert Bollow <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 12:49:44 +0200

>     The exit plan is that eventually this company would become a
>     business unit of the Free Software Marketing Company which Tony
>     Stanco is envisioning, i.e. at that stage the shares of my company
>     would be exchanged for shares of the Free Software Marketing
>     Company.
> hm, who is this tony stanco fellow, and is there a website with info
> on his idea? never heard of this before.

A lawyer who has quit a good and secure job to create a
commercial entity in the Free Software world which will
pay programmers who work on Free Software, and which will
market Free Software in an economically successful way.

There is a website at http://FreeDevelopers.Net

There was a discussion of these ideas on this list not long
ago.  The summary is that most people here were not convinced
that it will work out.  I think that there are good chances that
it can be made to work.  (Apparantly there are like 600 Free
Software developers involved already, and there is progress
towards securing some software development contracts with some
government agencies).

Greetings, Norbert.

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