Subject: Re: [FYI] Microsoft license spurns open source
From: "Todd Gemmell" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:08:34 -0700

sent this just to the list to cut down on redundant mail.

Hmmm, I think you guys are thinking about this in a different way than
myself. I do not expect Microsoft to release the source of "Word" ever. I
perceive this to be a social problem and Microsoft is very masterful in the
way they conduct PR but occasionally they stumble and truly speak their
minds or in this case make a politicians promise. I just see this as an
opportunity to "enlighten" a few more people about the "Microsoft way".

Here's a contemporary parallel example. Would anyone buy Bridgestone Tires
right now? Anyone??

Ahhh catching up with the list again.

>Eric S. Raymond wrote:
>Yes, this occurred to me.  Doubtless it would be under a "shared source"
>NDA, and therefore poisonous.  Yet another good reason for me not to do it.

Right, so you make the request and they send you a 20 page NDA requesting
your first born to be fed to Ballmer on the first full moon. Don't agree to
the document but make that part of the article and all of us are the wiser.