Subject: Re: ...authentication system on OS? (the pipes)
From: Seth Gordon <>
Date: 10 Jul 2001 00:14:16 -0000

   Hello, Adam Theo here;

   on the difference between .net and passport/hailstorm: if i am not 
   mistaken, mr ahmed is slightly incorrect. i could very well be wrong, 
   but from what i know, .net *uses* authentication, but is not the 
   authentication model itself. that is passport, mostly.

".NET" is not a technical term; it describes a package of services to
be marketed together.  If Microsoft's leaders thought it would benefit
the company to bundle ham sandwiches with Windows, their marketing
staff would crank out a white paper describing the revolutionary
HamSandwich.NET architecture.

The services that Microsoft is offering under the ".NET" banner depend
on the Passport service, so it makes sense to treat Passport as part
of .NET.

   is it possible 
   for .net to use a different authentication system than passport? i'm not 
   sure, but i think it is *technically* possible, if not likely to be 
   done. so, the centralized server farm system that we are and should be 
   so worried about is passport, not .net. please tell me if i am wrong.

When Microsoft decided to integrate a Web browser with its OS, it was
*technically* possible for them to include the browser-related
functions as one separate DLL with a published API, and only call the
DLL through the published API.  Then if, say, Netscape wrote a
superior HTML renderer, they could have published a DLL with the same
API, and users (well, more likely, OEMs) could have chosen between
Microsoft's and Netscape's HTML renderers.

However, the confounding of browser-related with non-browser-related
code in Windows was an essential component of Microsoft's business
strategy.  Likewise, confounding Passport with the .NET components is
an integral part of the .NET strategy.

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