Subject: Re: Studies
From: Chris Maeda <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 11:43:28 -0700

The Forbes and ComputerWeek types probably think that
free software is much more expensive than proprietary
software.  Free software only seems to work in niches 
that are too small to support proprietary vendors. Once 
a market gets big enough, the superior economics 
(cheaper for users, more profits for vendors) of the 
proprietary model always win.

At 01:07 PM 9/15/97 -0400, Kragen Sitaker wrote:
>Netscape commissioned some studies to convince companies that building an
>"Intranet" (sorry) is the Right Thing To Do.  These studies focused on
>business concepts like return on investment and agility.
>Have any similar studies been done on the use of free software?  They
>could be a tremendously powerful marketing tool.
>Papers like
>might have some effect, because they talk a little bit in business terms,
>but what I really want is something that will persuade the people who read
>Forbes and ComputerWeek.