Subject: Re: Free Software in Embedded Systems (was Re: Studies)
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:41:46 -0700

    Quite frankly, I'd assume you will get the same response w/r/t the
    original question of convincing Forbes-Heads about the validity of free
    software for internet/intranet usage. You'd probably have better luck
    attempting to justify the advantages of Anarcho-Syndicalism to the
    McCarthy commision on Unamerican Activities. :-)

Not always...Esther Dyson used to be a heavy-duty writer for Forbes
(before she spun off and did her own thing--the highly popular "PC
Forum"), and Forbes-Heads still put a lot of stock into what she says.
I think the fact that she's on the Cygnus Board of Directors says a