Subject: Re: A printer company perspective on Ghostscript, GPL, printers, ...
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 12:02:36 -0800

To clarify Ian's statements further, by default I speak for myself, and
clearly identify when I'm speaking for Cygnus by saying so.

Our company numbers are confidential information.  We have released bits
and pieces of this information where we think it will serve us (for
example, we submitted numbers to the San Jose Business Journal that
resulting in ranking us #96 of the 100 fastest-growning privately held
companies in Silicon Valley for 1995-1996, and #53 for 1996-1997).

There are companies that have so cleverly crafted their strategy message
that they have no trouble telling people their secret (for example,
Microsoft's secret is that they hire only the smartest people in the
world, whereas GE settles for only the best).  Our strategies aren't
so retrospective, alas.