Subject: futures markets
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 23:41:18 -0700 (PDT)

I wish there were a market for Free Software Futures.

Take `arch'.  Please.

There's a project I'm ready to hand off.  I've laid how how it can
work.  There's enough there to analyze and figure out that it solves a
lot of common problems; enables a lot of interesting possible futures.
There are some "prospective customers" -- organizations trying to work
out how much to spend "on arch", possibly quite a bit.  There's a
pretty clear agenda between it's current state and a solid "1.0"
release -- a series of straightforward ("tactical") hacks.

So I'm sick of it.  It's all deterministic play from this point out --
no opportunities to make guesses and experiment wildly.  It's solved
software with a pretty straightforward task list for the kinds of
people who make a point of being really good at plowing through such
details.  Someone should take it over.  I'll download the latest
version from them and kibbitz a little bit in the final stages of its
development, if they'll let me.  I'd like to hand off the prospective
customers, too.

It seems like, for handing it and the prospects off, I should get some
reward in consideration for potential future earnings.

So I wish there was a market for "project ownership", but it's such a
vague concept to begin with -- it'd be hard to wrap contracts around.

Gifts, on the other hand...

Meanwhile, I wish I had the time to concentrate on making a nice event
loop.  Currently I'm thinking of something based on threads that
multiplex costed "strips", with a strange arrangement of queues and
message passing to synchronize both full-fledged threads and
light-weight (stackless) "thread-lettes".