Subject: Re: Recommendations for Basic Economics Guide.
From: "Jerry Dwyer" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 07:14:56 -0400

An excellent book is

The Economic Way of Thinking
by Paul T. Heyne

The only graphs are in the margins and the book focuses on thinking about things like
an economist, not memorizing definitions or learning how to manipulate graphs. It is
a couple of hundred pages, not a thousand like standard Principles of Economics books.

Paul Heyne passed away and there is a new edition with other authors. This is $113 on
Amazon! You can get used copies of old editions for less than $10 on

You might also like

The Armchair Economist
by Stephen T. Landsburg

This book is not even intended to be a textbook and does an excellent job of showing
how economists _think_ about things.

Both of these books are well written, and the authors hoped that people would read them
even if they weren't required to read the books.

Jerry Dwyer

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From: Ralph Corderoy <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 19:18:37 +0100

>Having lurked on this list for a while it's clear that a big shortfall
>in my knowledge is that of economics.  Putting aside the jokes about
>three economists and four opinions has anyone got any suggestions for
>books covering the topic?  I'm especially interested in those that
>approach it from a small (software :-) business point of view and aren't
>*too* scholarly.
>Sorry if it's a bit OT but I thought I'm probably not alone in a poor
>understanding given a computing background.