Subject: Re: [coallesced replies] Re: how to create 21,780 new free software jobs (2,530 in R&D)
Date: 05 Nov 2002 02:21:45 -0500

> The campuses work.  Very well. ...

Which is why many of my points concentrated on how the scenario you
propose *differs* from the aforementioned successful university campus
case, in what look to me like some of key points that contribute to
that success.  (To oversimplify, "if the world was like a campus, we
wouldn't need the campuses.")  I'd be interested to see some expansion
as to why you think the world/the market is similar enough to these
university environments for a projection from one to work on the
other.  Certainly in terms of support load, I've seen plenty of
counter-examples (mostly in the form of ISP corpses...)