Subject: Re: terms
From: Peter Deutsch <peterd@Bunyip.Com>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 12:44:08 -0500

[ You wrote: ]
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} Whilst using a 200MhZ DEC Alpha workstation which cost around $40,000,
} I convinced my boss to buy a Linux workstation (100MhZ 586) for about
} $4000.  The Linux box was twice as fast as the machine an order of
} magnitude more expensive.
} This didn't matter, since this company,'s VP of IT played golf with
} the president of DEC.

Of course, I've never met your company's VP of IT, but in
his/her defense, it may be about more than golf. That
level of interaction may imply access to discounts on
products, marketing outlets, expertise or somesuch. It may
be heresy, but the best technical solution (when
considered in isolation) may not automatically be the best
global optimization for the company.

Of course, we all laugh so hard at Dilbert because of the
underlying grains of truth and I'd bve the first to admit
that there really are bozos out there, too. It's just that
I've run my own company long enough to take a larger view
of the world and if, for example, my product is to ship
and be supported on DEC Alphas, at some point I'd better
have people working on DEC Alphas building it...

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