Subject: Re: Text of SCO's complaint
From: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller <>
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 14:56:49 -0500

 > Right - seems to me that's a strategy to increase the damages. One
 > that could backfire in a big way, since demonstrating it wasn't might
 > also convince a judge that printer drivers and journaling filesystems
 > would have happened anyway.

1) I don't think Hans Reiser will take kindly to the allegation that he
modified SCO code instead of creating his own journaling file system.

2) HP might have a thing or two to say about printer driver creation.

(I use the Reiser FS and a printer driver supplied by HP.)

And last I heard, The Open Group owned the word "Unix" and licensed it
to others. In fact, I heard some guy called madcat or madcow or maddog
or something like that -- had a big bushy beard, anyway, answered to
"Jon" -- mention this in a speech at a LUG gathering in Orlando FL last

I find the calls to boycott SCO amusing. Their problem is that no one
has been buying from them anyway. It would be more productive to boycott
McDonalds, Target, and Ford, and tell them you're boycotting them until
they stop using OpenUnix. I believe these are Caldera/SCO's three
largest licensed users. At least, they're the ones they always point to
as example of their product's scalability and reliability.

Bottom line: The effect of this lawsuit on most Linux users and
programmers will be zero, but the FUD effect will not be negligible,
although it may be outweighed by the additional publicity Linux is
getting, since nearly every AP member newspaper seems to be carrying the
wire story about it, and buried in the story is the idea that Linux is
taking over from Unix and other operating systems at an amazing rate.

Time to eat, so that's all for now.

- Robin