Subject: Re: Communities as the new IPR?
From: Jim Thompson <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 03:05:20 -1000

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>>>>>>"Jim" == Jim Thompson <> writes:
>    Jim> Whats with this attack on the GPL by the folks at OSI, anyway?
>Which attack?
>I don't see anything new on
Doesn't have to be *on* to represent the mindset of (some 
of) its directors, now does it?

Recent examples:

OSI getting all cuddly with MSFT.   Removing documents MSFT finds 
"offensive" just-in-time for MSFT to announce its new "open source 
friendly" licenses (despite said docs being voted off the island six 
months ago) and for "a quorum of" the OSI BoD to meet with MSFT right 
after the announcement.

ESR's continued rants about RMS wanting to "destroy intellectual 
property" (and having somehow 'failed').

"Private" (labeled as such after the fact) email from Russ claiming that 
the "Open Software License" would be a "replacement" for the GPL should 
the GPL fall down in court.

Russ blaming Sharp for going "Cathedral". (or didn't you know that 
"Cathedral == FSF" in the original essay?)  (And yes, I know that RMS 
screwed the pooch on xemacs.)